5 serious reasons to hire an employment law attorney in NY

You deserve to have a safe workplace free of discrimination and unfair practices. Unfortunately, a significant number of discrimination cases are reported in New York annually, although many victims don’t want to file a complaint or pursue legal action because of the circumstances. In this post, we are discussing more about the reasons why it is pertinent to hire an employment law attorney New York.

You suffered sexual discrimination

Sexual discrimination usually happens in two ways – a hostile work environment and quid pro quo. When a senior demands a sexual favor in return for an advantage at work, it is a case of quid pro quo sexual harassment. On the contrary, when you are subjected to remarks, jokes, and comments that make it impossible for you to remain productive or continue your job, it is a case of a hostile work environment.

You suffered racial or religious discrimination

If your employer treated you differently because of your race, religion, or national origin, you are entitled to legal options. Talk to an attorney who specializes in representing employees and executives facing racial discrimination about ways to seek justice. They can evaluate your case and determine the best ways to deal with the situation efficiently.

You have a wage claim

You have the right to overtime pay if you work beyond the standard forty hours each week. While there are exceptions, you should talk to an employment attorney if you think you weren’t paid rightly. Check with the legal team to know whether you have a claim and how you can recover the money that’s due powerful idea.

You suffered discrimination due to your sexual orientation

Discrimination is often faced by those who belong to the LGBTQ community, and such cases are not rare. If you were fired from the job after you revealed your sexual orientation or came out as transgender, you might have a lawsuit against your employer. While attitudes are changing, working with an attorney is essential to ensure you get justice.

You suffered the consequences of retaliation

If you reported a matter against your supervisor or reported sexual harassment at work, your employer is expected to take action. However, if they retaliate against you, which can happen in many forms, you should look for legal advice. There are several ways to address matters concerning retaliation, and your lawyer is the best person to guide you further.

Call an employment lawyer early to make the most of available time.