9 of The Most Anticipated iOS 17 Features

iOS 17 has yet to arrive, but it will be released to the public in the fall of 2023. This is the next big iOS update after iOS 16 and will be the latest iPhone OS. Although the specific features that will be included in the upcoming iOS 17 are not known yet, the speculations are rife, and you can expect the following features to come to your iPhone.

Interactive Widgets

Widgets make information available at a glance. They eliminate the need to open an app whenever you want to check something.

These widgets are slated to become more interactive with iOS 17. For example, you can check the weather of four different locations by simply swiping on the Weather widget.

These interactive widgets are meant to save time, and hence, industry insiders expect Apple to include these in their list of features for iOS 17.

Call Recording

For years, Apple users have requested the company add native call recording support. Finally, the feature might be available with iOS 17.

Although there are ways to record calls on your iPhone, including this feature as an in-built function will eliminate the need to install third-party software.

Sideloading of third-party Apps Will be Allowed

After the EU approved the Digital Markets Act, Apple decided to allow sideloading of third-party stores and apps to the iPhone. This means you can sideload apps without worrying about the consequences when iOS 17 releases.

There are currently several risks to sideloading applications since the apps and programs have not been reviewed by Apple. In fact, Apple is against the practice of downloading and installing apps without their approved software distribution channel or App Store. However, if you don’t know how to sideload apps on iPhone, the steps are easy. First, go to Settings > tap General > Developer Mode > turn on the switch. With the Developer Mode enabled, users can install software from sources other than the App Store.

Revamped iMessage

Apple might be revamping its iMessage application with iOS 17. The improved version will come with an enhanced Home Screen, Stickers, Chat Rooms, new AR chat features, etc.

If Apple follows through and the rumor is true, this update will majorly redesign the iMessage application.

XR/AR Headset Support

In 2023, Apple is positioned to enter the world of the metaverse. Apple will support AR/XR devices in the mobile operating system for integration. It will be similar to what happened to gadgets like Apple Watch, AirTags, and AirPods.

According to Mark Gurman, before the launch of a formal system during WWDC, Apple will announce the headset’s release in the spring. App development will kickstart during the developer’s event, which will be ahead of the product shipment, which is close to Apple’s iPhone update. This is going to mark the launch of iOS 17.

Dual Applications

There are some applications that let users quickly switch between accounts on a single application. For instance, you may use multiple Insta accounts and easily switch between your account by double-tapping the profile icon.

But many applications allow users only to have a single active account on a single application. WhatsApp, for instance, only allows users to maintain a single active account. This is where users crave the ability to clone applications and use several accounts on different versions of the same application.

Apple is all set to join the party of dual apps with iOS 17.

Split Screen

Thanks to the split screen feature, you can use two separate applications at the same time. This feature is already available on the Mac and iPad but hasn’t yet made its way to the iPhone.

Of course, the iPhone’s screen isn’t as big as the Mac or iPad. But the split screen feature will help users make the most of their device.

Better lock Screen Widgets

Personalizing your phone lock screen using widgets means you are limited to using two large ones and four small ones. iPhone users expect that Apple will expand this with iOs 17 so that more of the screen is used for widgets if users want to.

Next-gen CarPlay

The next-gen CarPlay feature was teased during WWDC 2022, but the inclusion of this feature is dependent on Apple’s will. However, the company has promised users a revolutionary in-car infotainment so drivers can enjoy a smooth experience. Thanks to this feature, the interface can take over the available dashboards.

The new CarPlay feature is expected to launch at the end of 2023, and it will be available on a variety of car brands like Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Audi, Honda, Porsche, Nissan, etc.

The Bottom Line

These are some features that are expected to be part of the iOS 17 release later in 2023. However, it is too soon to say if all of the features will be included in the final public release version.