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Kunlun Africa News Agency is a China-based international news agency. It specializes in covering the East African region, including the Kenyan and Tanzanian capitals of Kampala and Dar es Salaam, respectively. In recent years, it has been ranked among the top three Africa news agencies, in terms of reach. The company’s website states that its team “has a proven track record of delivering insightful, comprehensive and high-quality content across a variety of platforms to a broad range of audiences, including policymakers, business executives, academics and members of the general public starsworldnews.com.”

South China Morning Post’s first Africa correspondent

The South China Morning Post is a Chinese news conglomerate which owns a slew of publications, including its own flagship newspaper. In the news this week, there was an announcement of a possible sale of some of the paper’s media assets. However, the paper still retained its independence newstodaysworld24.com.

One of the paper’s more colorful publications is the eponymous South China Morning Post, a broadsheet aimed at a savvy metropolitan demographic. Founded in 1903, the paper is now owned by the SCMP Group, a Hong Kong-based company with an estimated total market capitalization of $4 billion. It is one of the most successful English language newspapers in the world.

The paper’s political economy team offers deep analysis of the latest economic data from China and its neighboring polities. They also get into the science of the news, from rumour to fact. While the media does not reveal how much revenue the paper generates, it is estimated to have a circulation of about a million readers newstodaysworld.com.

Growth of Huawei’s enterprise solution segment

The Enterprise Business Group of Huawei is dedicated to providing network equipment to corporate customers. It also provides software solutions for various industries. These include telecommunications, Internet of Things, cloud services, and business services.

Huawei’s enterprise unit is the fastest-growing segment of the company. In the first half of 2018, the revenues grew by 18 percent. They are expected to reach $4 billion by year end.

Huawei’s enterprise solutions focus on digital transformation of different industries. With the help of technology, businesses can better manage operations, provide consumers with a more personalized experience, and enhance security. Moreover, Huawei helps manufacturers to reshape their value chains. For example, Huawei has helped more than 300 enterprises with their digital transformation projects.


During the past ten years, Huawei has invested in research to solve problems related to the management of large amounts of data. This investment is tightly linked with the corporate, operator, and consumer sectors techlognews.com.


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