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Maxim88 Gaming Platform: Available live Casino Games from Pragmatic Play

Patrons of Maxim88 online casino Malaysia continue to enjoy the premium gaming and betting services with incredible wins. This is largely due to Maxim88’s effort to keep the online casino safe, secure and lucrative. Since the inception of the gaming platform, changes and improvements have been made to satisfy players’ expectations. It is rare to find a more convenient and rewarding online casino than Maxim88 across Asia. 

From registration, deposit to game availability, Maxim88 is a go-to betting household for several reasons. Speaking about games, live casino games have been a major entertaining and hugely productive category for Maxim88 patrons. However, it goes without saying that picking from the multiple live casino game providers can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to online gaming. 

Let’s help you – Pragmatic Play is a highly recommendable provider for newbies who want to engage in exciting table and dice games. The gaming and betting options are fair, safe, and legal to players in Malaysia and outside the nation. Read on to learn more about the individual games from Pragmatic Play that are available on the Maxim88 betting site.

1. Roulette

By choosing to play Pragmatic Play games on Maxim88, live Roulette is one of the available games worth exploring. You get to play against other players who also play virtually from their comfort spaces like you. The game is streamed from Romania and managed by experienced croupiers who will take your stakes and announce the winner eventually. Players may bet from as low as MYR 5 and as high as MYR 23,000 for the high rollers. Live Roulette from Pragmatic Play has an impressive 97.30% RTP, meaning players have a good chance of winning. You can access the game on android and iOS smartphones.  

The gameplay is not difficult as it is a European version of Roulette with a single zero on the wheel. For those who are not familiar with Roulette, you need to place your bets from the available options. This could be straight up, split, dozen, column, six lines, even chances, or corner. Players may also choose to place complex bets on the racetrack layout. Some complex bets include Tiers du Cylindre, Orphelins, or Voisins du Zero. Afterward, the croupiers will spin the wheel and announce the winner, depending on the outcome. 

2. Baccarat

Similar to Roulette, Baccarat is also an agelong gaming product from Pragmatic Play. The game can be played from anywhere as it is streamed live from Romania via multiple cameras. In this way, you can conveniently see every aspect of the game. Players can stake between MYR 3 to MYR 23,000. Baccarat comes with side bets, making it more entertaining than most live casino games. Also, you can win as much as 25 times your basic bet. Live Baccarat from Pragmatic can be accessible on smartphones, tablets, PC, and desktop computers. With an outstanding 98.98% RTP, players stand a good chance of winning. 

As rewarding as Live Baccarat is, it is important to understand the rules and payouts before trying it out. The game is played using an 8-deck shoe, enabling players to bet on the Player hand, Banker hand, or a Tie. Also, you may get a chance to play on the side bets such as Player/banker bonus, Either Pair, Banker/Player Pairs, or Perfect Pair. Players need to remember that betting time takes place for only ten or seconds. So, you are required to stake your bet as soon as possible. A whole round doesn’t take more than 27 seconds to complete. In other words, the dealer is done dealing with the cards before you blink an eye. Hence, ensure that you know the dos and don’ts of the game before participating. 

3. Dragon Tiger

Here is arguably the easiest game from Pragmatic Play on Maxim88 online casino. Dragon Tiger is a card game with an impressive 96.27% RTP. Thus, it is highly recommended for players who love to try their luck at card games. Players can stake as low as MYR1 and as high as MYR 10,000. Depending on your available device, you can access the game on tablets, smartphones, and PC. While Dragon Tiger is a card game, it doesn’t come with a joker or wild cards. Instead, it is played with a 52 deck of cards, and the aces are low. 

The gameplay involves choosing your bet amount and selecting whether you want to stake on a dragon, tiger, tie, or suited tie. Afterward, a single card will be dealt by the croupier, followed by two cards. The first card will be the dragon side, and the second will be the tiger side. After the betting, the croupier shows the two cards dealt having dragon and tiger. This completes the game round as the player having the highest card value wins. If they are equal in value, then it is a tie. 

4. Sic Bo

As with other live casino games from Pragmatic Play on Maxim88, live Sic Bo is streamed from Romania. The RTP stands at 97.22%, meaning players have a good chance of winning. Any player can bet as low as MYR 2. The maximum bet is MYR 23,000. However, players can win up to 1000 times their basic bets. Live Sic Bo can be played on smartphones, PC, desktops, and tablets. An interesting feature of Sic Bo from Pragmatic Play is the multipliers, which enable you to win more compared to playing a conventional Sic Bo.

Once you access the appealing studio from Maxim88, you’ll see the betting layout and the round table with a dice shaker. Now, you need to predict the outcome of the dice throw. Players can choose from the 52 betting positions. Also, it means you can bet on more than one position. Patrons may bet on a single dice, two dice, or all three. Once the dice are thrown and you can predict correctly, you get to claim your winnings. 

Final note

All four games from Pragmatic Play on Maxim88 are proven to be fair, exciting, and rewarding. However, some are more challenging than others. Hence, players are encouraged to get familiar with the terms, payouts, and strategies to enhance their chances of winning before staking a massive amount of money. Maxim88 has also put in place various bonuses to help win more on the platform. Simply visit the promo pages after a few rounds to see the offers that you can claim by paying for live casino games from Pragmatic Play. Enjoy the experience. 


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