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There is a very good reason why so many people are raving about the Londonbased Palta series. It is because of the quality of the products that you get when you order them. The materials are high quality, the packaging is beautiful, and the whole package comes with a guarantee. Plus, the price is right. And that’s what matters most when you want to know what you’re getting for your money.


Flo is a women’s health app that helps women track their cycles, find information on a wide variety of topics, and access a community of peers. It launched in 2015, and has grown to a community of over 200 million users. The company has 350 employees in total, and has experienced hyper-growth in the last 12 months. With its latest funding, Flo will be able to add new features that will enhance personalization, including advanced cycle insights. They will also expand their reach by targeting more top talent across engineering, product, and data science roles.

Flo aims to help improve the health of women worldwide. By providing accurate cycle predictions, users can learn about their menstrual cycles and better understand their health. Flo is the #1 app recommended by OB-GYNs for period tracking. In addition, Flo offers a comprehensive content library of articles, videos, and tools for women. A subscription-based business model allows the app to attract more users.


Palta is a London based company focusing on the health and wellness space. It aims to make the health and well-being sector more accessible through the use of technology and a network of specialists. The company has a track record of making top notch mobile subscription products. A new fund has been launched to take the Palta brand to the next level. One of the newest investments is in Flo, a women’s health application. This new fund will help the company continue its mission of improving the consumer experience in the health and wellness space.

While the company is relatively young, its founders have already managed to assemble a diverse portfolio of companies in the health and well-being space. Some of the most prominent include Flo, Simple and HealthTap. With an estimated 100 million users to its name, Palta is a serious contender in the health and wellness space. It has also been a pioneer in the technology sector, with a strong commitment to bringing the latest in health and wellness innovation to market.

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Palta is a London-based company that has a number of health related businesses in its portfolio, including Flo, a women’s health app. It also offers legal, marketing, and in-house recruiting services. The company has raised a few million dollars for several of its portfolio companies. For instance, Flo has received more than $25.5 million in funding so far.


Palta isn’t an accelerator or a venture capital firm, but it does provide financing and marketing support to its portfolio companies. Some of the companies it has invested in include Simple, a digital behavioral health tool, and Flo, an app that helps users manage their periods. Founded in 2015, Flo has helped users track their period and get reminders about birth control. Other Palta-funded health applications include Maven Clinic, a virtual care platform, and Doctor Anywhere, an online doctor app. In addition, the firm has launched its own health product, Palta Brain, which is a digital health dashboard.