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The Official Match Ball of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Designed to resemble the official match ball of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the adidas Al Rihla Training ball is an ideal training ball for rigorous sessions. Featuring a butyl bladder and machine-stitched construction, this ball is durable enough for rigorous training sessions.

The ball is made with 20 webalives panels and is inspired by the sand dunes of Qatar. The ball also features the colors of Qatar and traditional white Arab dress. One of the key innovations in the 2022 World Cup ball is the Speedshell technology. This improves the ball’s rotation, speed and aerodynamics.

The Official Match Ball for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, named Al Rihla after the Arabic word for journey, features a vibrant colour scheme and graphics on a pearlescent background to surfbook reflect the country’s rich history. The ball is designed to withstand the highest game speeds and has a more responsive surface than previous World Cup balls.

Besides the match ball, adidas is also responsible for making the home and away jerseys for all participating teams. Each team’s jersey reflects its national spirit. The jerseys for Mexico, Germany and Italy feature the country’s flag and culture. The Argentine team’s jersey is purple, representing gender equality.

As an environmental yify conscious company, Adidas is proud of the sustainability of its kits. The majority of the fabric used in FIFA World Cup kits is recycled. More than 50 percent of the fabric is from Parley Ocean Plastic, a type of plastic collected on beaches and islands. This helps to prevent ocean pollution.

The World Cup ball for 2022 is a greener choice than its predecessors. The new ball was designed with sustainability in mind, and features water-based glues and inks. It will make its public debut in Dubai, Tokyo, New York, and Mexico City, with some World Cup legends attending the launch.

Adidas is also working on initiatives to improve access and inclusion in soccer. The brand has committed to freshwap donate one percent of its net sales to the Common Goal movement, which seeks to improve access to sport for everyone. It has also made an in-game appearance at the World Cup, when Qatar will play host to the opening match at 5 a.m. ET on November 21.

A number of official World Cup kits and apparel are also available, including jerseys, track tops, jackets, and more. Official World Cup balls will be produced by Adidas and feature a unique touch-sensitive edge. In addition to these official World Cup footballs, there are also wordblog competition-style soccer balls and durable club footballs inspired by the official FIFA ball.


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