The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining an E-2 Visa What You Need to Know

Are you a business owner looking to enter the U.S. market? Or are you looking to join a business venture as an investor? If so, you may qualify for an E-2 visa. The E-2 visa is a great option for those who want to invest in the U.S. and gain the right to work in the country. This blog post will provide an overview of the E-2 visa, its requirements, and its advantages. You will learn how to apply for an E-2 visa and what benefits you can expect if you are approved. Ready to get started? Read on!

E-2 Treaty Investors

The E-2 Treaty Investor visa is an excellent option for foreign investors looking to invest in a U.S. business. In order to be eligible, the investor must have the nationality of a country that has a treaty of commerce with the United States. Additionally, the investment must be substantial and “at risk,” meaning that the investor has the potential of both profits and losses. The investor must also be coming to the U.S. to develop and direct the investment, and must have control of the funds used for the investment. Furthermore, the investment must be in a “real operating enterprise” and cannot be solely for passive investment. Additionally, the investor must demonstrate that the investment will benefit the U.S. economy. All of these criteria must be met in order for the investor to qualify for the E-2 Treaty Investor visa.

How To Qualify for a Treaty Investor (E-2) Visa

To qualify for an E-2 visa, the investor must be coming to the U.S. solely to develop and direct the investment enterprise, and must have control of the funds and have the investment at risk in a commercial sense. The investment must be substantial and be sufficient to ensure the successful operation of the enterprise. Passive investments, such as stocks and bonds, do not qualify, and the enterprise must be a real operating enterprise, not a paper organization. Additionally, the investment must create jobs for U.S. workers.

Qualified investors who are citizens of treaty countries may find the E-2 visa to be the perfect option for investing in a U.S. business. With the proper qualifications and documentation, investors can use the E-2 visa to successfully invest in a U.S. business.

E-2 Visa Dependents

The E-2 visa is a non-immigrant visa allowing foreign nationals to stay in the US to direct and develop an existing business. Dependents of E-2 visa holders are also allowed to enter the US and stay for the same amount of time as the primary visa holder. Dependents must be the spouse or unmarried children under the age of 21 of the E-2 visa holder.

While dependents are not allowed to work in the US while on an E-2 visa, they are allowed to study in the U.S. In order to do so, they must apply for an E-2 dependent visa.

Required E-2 Visa Documentation

To apply for an E-2 visa, applicants must present the following documentation: a valid passport, evidence of the applicant’s nationality, such as a birth certificate or naturalization certificate, a copy of the applicant’s passport, a completed and signed visa application form, a copy of the applicant’s current and valid visa (if applicable), proof of the applicant’s financial circumstances, such as bank statements, credit reports, tax returns, pay stubs, or other documentation, evidence of the applicant’s intent to return to their home country after the completion of their E-2 visa, such as a lease or property deed, evidence of the applicant’s ability to support themselves while in the United States, such as a letter of employment from the sponsoring company, a business plan, and other financial documentation, evidence of the applicant’s occupation, such as diplomas, certificates, or other proof of professional qualifications.

The E-2 visa allows for individuals to remain in the US for a period of up to five years. If E-2 visa holders are interested in permanent residence in the U.S. they should consider applying for EB-5 investor green card.

How to Apply for E-2 Visa

To apply for an E-2 visa, you must first determine if you are eligible. Once you have determined your eligibility, you must gather the necessary documents and forms to apply for the visa. This includes the DS-160 Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application. After you have completed all of the necessary paperwork, you must make a visa appointment at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. At the time of your appointment, you must bring a valid passport, two recent passport-style photographs, and all of the required documents. You must also pay the visa application fee at the time of your appointment. The visa officer may ask you some questions about your application. Once your visa application has been processed, you will hear back from the U.S. embassy or consulate regarding the status of your application.