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Things To Consider While Hiring A House Painting Contractor In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is home to over 33,000 restaurants, museums, and galleries. With such an abundance of entertainment venues in the city, finding one that provides exclusive painting services is challenging. A quick call or Internet search will connect you with a list of Pittsburgh painting contractors. In this article, you will learn five things to consider while hiring a painting contractor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Decide your budget and get a quote beforehand

Estimate the cost of painting your rooms before starting any project, especially if you are hiring a painter for the first time. Professional painters will quote you on a 1-time basis and paint one room at a time. Their prices will vary depending on how complex the job is and how much prep work needs to be done before they arrive at your house to complete their work. If you’ve never employed a painter before, it’s a good idea to research the amount of work they do. On an average, Pittsburgh painters charge around $500 for working in a medium-sized room. The cost includes supplies and labor both.

Ask for references from other clients

This is an excellent way of determining how experienced and reputable your painter is. Get the contact information for at least three previous clients that can attest to the work ethic of your painter. If your painter cannot give you any references, he has likely never painted a home using the same techniques he will be using on your home. The best thing you can do is talk with a couple of past customers and ask detailed questions about their experience.

Consider the reputation of the company

How long has the painting company been in business? Are they licensed and insured? An experienced painting contractor will be aware of all local, state, and federal painting codes for homes in Pittsburgh. Also, ask about other company services, such as drywall repair or general contracting services. According to stats, there are 103 reputed local interior painting companies in Pittsburgh.

Determine the type of industry your painter is a member of

The best Pittsburgh painting contractors have strong ties with local Pittsburgh companies. A reputable painting contractor will have a website and business cards listing their association memberships.

Make sure that your painter is licensed, insured, and bonded

Each state has different licensing requirements for painters. Local painting contractors are not allowed to operate without a license from their state. Painting contractors can provide you with licenses from their home state and any additional states they do business in. In Pittsburgh, PA, it is illegal to operate without insurance coverage. Painting contractors who are insured are more likely to have an excellent reputation in the community. Most painters will want to make you aware that they are bonded. Bonds hold a certain amount of money that the company is obliged to return if they fail to complete the services agreed upon by their contract with you, your home, or both.


The good news is that you do not have to break the bank to make your house look great with a fresh coat of paint. Just be careful about who you hire and ask around for references. The right painting contractor can make a massive difference in the appearance of your home.


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