THC Pen is something we both love and detest. The potential for trouble is always considered when working with machined parts and an oily, sticky substance, no matter how tidy and discrete they are! For a vaping experience that is at its best, use the advice below.

General Advice:

  • Never leave a vape pen or cartridge in a moving vehicle!
  • Repeated long draws can heat the oil to a point where too much is forced into the airflow chamber. We advise taking quick draws and allowing the oil to settle and slightly cool in between puffs.
  • Prime the cartridge: after initially opening it, inhale deeply to saturate the coil and prevent the metal from burning during subsequent puffs.

Difficulties breathing in:

If your vape feels clogged or the air isn’t moving freely: While rare, the wick in a cartridge occasionally becomes oversaturated, making it challenging to draw from. To solve this issue, follow the below steps.

  1. Bring the cartridge to your mouth while it is still connected to your battery at a 45-degree angle for the best airflow. Take several vigorous, drawn-out breaths. This should empty any extra oil from the airflow chamber and promote easy vaporisation.
  2. Rub your palms together for 10 to 20 seconds while the cartridge is connected to the battery or until the hardware feels warm.
  3. Place the cartridge inside a tiny zipper baggie after separating it from the battery. Eliminate any extra air, then tightly close the bag. For 1-2 minutes, run warm water over the sealed bags. This successfully heats the oil to boost its flow without harming the cartridge.

Batteries with lights:

They may vary by manufacturer, but generally speaking:

  1. Solid light output means that your battery is functioning as it should. When completely charged, lights should glow for around an hour before strobing and going off.
  2. Flashing lights: A full charge may be indicated by frequent flashing. A single flash could be a sign of a broken device or its end of life.
  3. If your lights are not glowing or flashing, your battery may have run out of life or be damaged. If you have only used your battery occasionally for the past two years or used it frequently for the past year, you can safely assume that it has reached the end of its useful life. Kindly dispose of your old battery properly and get a new one.

Connection problems with the cartridge:

Be careful not to overtighten the screw holding the cartridge to the battery. Instead, tighten the twists until they are snug to avoid connectivity problems.

  1. The metal rings that transmit electricity in vape pens frequently get squeezed too deeply and fail to make contact with each other, sometimes due to being unduly tightened.
  2. The metal ring can be easily raised by gently prying it with a paper clip.
  3. Be cautious not to lose the ring! A very thin wire just secures it. It should be slightly raised on each side proportionately.
  4. If switching the ring on the cartridge does not solve the problem, try the same solution with the battery. Since the ring hole is smaller, a thinner paper clip might be required. Keep in mind that they are delicate objects, so be kind. To slightly elevate the ring, very little power is required.

If your battery is fully charged and your cartridge has oil, this should fix the problem. Enjoy your vaping!


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