Who Were the Best Cast From the Original Law Order?

There are countless reasons why people like the original Law Order, and it’s not just the great actors and actresses that made the series such a hit. The actors’ performances are just as impressive as their roles, and if you’re in the market for a new show, this one is definitely worth checking out. Here are a few of them, and their respective merits.

Among the most notable actors and actresses, Sam Waterston joined the cast in 1994, though his contract was for only one season. Despite this, he played district attorney Jack McCoy for 16 years. Though Law & Order has been cancelled, he’s far from done with acting. He currently stars in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie, as well as the Hulu series The Dropout.

Some of the main players have been there for more than 10 years. The most popular cast members are Camryn Manheim, Jeffrey Donovan, and Paul Sorvino. They play both the young and old halves of the Law Order team. However, the two most memorable characters were the DAs, and they were paired together because of their chemistry. This dynamic makes the show an institution in many ways.

The original cast members all brought their own individual strengths to the series. However, there were a few notable changes in the cast after Sorvino’s departure in season three. For instance, the character of Lennie Briscoe was essentially a male detective, and he was replaced by Jerry Orbach. He played the part with an acerbic sense of humor and a fierce drive. The Vietnam vet played the old timer role with a heart, and his quips often reverberated throughout the show.

Law & Order was a procedural show, so the cast has changed over the years. Anthony Anderson’s Det. Kevin Bernard, for example, never seemed to liven up the character enough. His portrayal also lacked the occasional small moment of wit. Other familiar faces are Sam Waterston as Jack McCoy, who was the district attorney in the original series. So if you’re a fan of Law & Order, you can’t go wrong.

The original Law & Order lasted for 20 seasons. The series was a hit and enjoyed high ratings throughout its run. It won the 1997 Emmy Award for Best Drama Series. However, the series had a few issues. In the beginning, many of the original cast members were replaced by new ones. The cast roster changed a few times, and some popular characters left to pursue other projects. So, if you’re planning on watching Law & Order, you should know that there were some changes.

Another show that starred the same cast as the original Law & Order was the fourth one. The fourth one, Trial by Jury, focused on the machinations of the rotating defense attorneys and Assistant DA Tracey Kibre. Trial by Jury featured Annabella Sciorra and Jerry Orbach. The season was 13 episodes long and featured a lot of different characters. So, if you’re a fan of Law & Order, you’re sure to love the new version!